Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I was talking to my friend Lady L. the other day and realized that one of my drunken reminiscences had actually helped her come to terms with some truths within herself. It had helped in her soul-searching, to reach the depths of human existence. So I thought maybe it could help other lost souls that read this blog.

Next time you are buying the 45867 pair of earrings or the 4857483 bangle, instead of feeling guilty, repeat the mantra:

"I collect jewellery"

Like people collect stamps or match boxes or one night stands. We collect jewellery. So not only we never ever have to feel guilty about the ridiculous amount of metal and beads accumulated over the years, we can also use the mantra to silence our other halves in the few occasions they dare criticize our shopping habits.

PS: The mantra doesn't apply only to jewellery. Here are a few ideas of alternative uses:

"I collect shoes"
"I collect bags"
"I collect clothes"

And for the real shopaholics among us (...may Mastercard have mercy on their souls...):

"I collect anything made of fabric, metal, plastic or skin"


WendyB said...

Everyone should collect jewelry!

Camilla said...

I collect everything :D