Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back for good

I know have disappeared for a while. Ok, I also know that 2 months would qualify as a whole lot more than a while. But after completing my MA with its write 10574823910103784 characters, I admit I was a bit lost for words. Something that is not very usual, given that in true Seinfield fashion I can have an incredibly long conversation about nothing. With a lamppost. And a sore throat.
But it happened.
That, however, was 2007 and I hear now is 2008. So out with the silent old, in with the blabbing new. If there is anyone still out there, I am back and intend to remain this way. Lampposts, here I come!

Starting off with a fresh hair-related beauty dilemma. Finally after a long time and disastrous experimentations of the home-kind, I am going to get my hair coloured by someone who knows what they are doing. At the moment, it is bicolour and not in a chic Chanel-shoe-kind-of-way. The question is: should I remain on the blond-highlights territory? Or try to see if going back to being a proper brunette won’t make me disappear to that faraway land which is also home to socks lost in the wash and shames lost in the beer?

(I know that there is no hair colouring in the world that will make me look anything like these darlings, but that won’t stop me from scaring my brand new hairdresser into thinking that this is exactly what I expect. God, life is fun!)

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