Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Wardrobes of Others

Is it really shallow that, in between crying and biting my nails while watching "The Lives of Others", I managed have long mental considerations about Maria-Christa's wardrobe?
Well, at least I managed not to bug Gringowlindow mid-film with my thoughts (I am trying to keep these to myself and myblog after he politely told me recently that he cannot get as excited as me about my quest for the perfect flat boots).
Back to Maria-Christa. So after starting the film thinking her clothes were pretty bland in a pre-fall-of-the-Berlin-wall kind of way, towards the end I was enamoured of the combination of dusty pale blue and brown, the tweedy librarian skirts and her cute Russian fury hat.

I was considering trying to recreate the vibe, but got a bit scared of looking more Martha Steward than Maria-Christa. Never, I repeat, never a good look!
While on the subject, I am also digging the foxy-writer’s style. Maybe I can convince Gringowlindow to use his fancy mother tongue to write down a few lines while wearing brown blazer jackets and crumpled shirts…

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dede said...

eu sempre fui fa de blazer de veludo cotele...... adoro!