Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my so called life...

So being a girl ain't easy. Let's go through some basic maths:

7 days a month - PMS
7 days a month - Cramps and general period shenanigans

That leaves only 2 weeks a month of relative sanity and pain-free existence.

From those:

4 days you feel fat or ugly or have a huge spot in the middle of your forehead or hair that resembles a broom
3 days you have nothing to wear
2 days you are in generic bad mood because of the weather or your payslip or some other external force
3 days you are hungover

That leaves just 2 days of pretty, cheerful, pain-free, glamorous, well-dressed, sober you.

And you can bet you will be working on those days.

PS: A virtual drink for whoever finds out which one of the lovely above days I am having!


danimattos said...

I would say a PMS day... but the post is so funny I guess it's 'only' a broom hair day... did I get the virtual drink????

Guerreira said...

No! Wrong guess!!! Not a broom-hair day. But actually, now that you've mentioned, my hair does look like a broom!
About the drink, how about we have a personal one? But only in October, when I will visit. Or you could come visit me earlier. It's about time, huh!

dede said...

im on a big big hangover day. really hope tmw will be one of the perfect glamourous days.