Wednesday, January 16, 2008


And the winner was…

Yes, I have returned to the fabulous world of the brunettes.

Unfortunately I still don't look like her. But the hair turned out pretty ok. I spared my new hairdresser of the mad requests, but did change my mind when he was just about to squeeze the highlighting bleach into the pot. After deciding on a different hair colour every five minutes. So I guess I am not the best client in the world. But my hairdresser - who is a friend of my friend J -has just been crowned the best one in the entire Milky Way and neighbouring galaxies because:

* He picked me up from the tube station by car. On a specially rainy and windy day, that is the equivalent of giving you a foot massage while telling you how much you resemble Liv Tyler.

* He lives in an impossibly stylish house with the coolest coffee machine. And he made me so many coffees that I spent the next few hours speaking like a football narrator. On speed. On a final. Of the World Cup. (Ok, enough)

* He has a cute dog who gave me high-five. I know that’s probably standard dog behaviour, but I am someone who never had a dog and for me that dog is Einstein.


Libertygirl said...

No! Cute dogs are there to be admired. I have a miniature dachshund LLG xx

Libertygirl said...

Actually there is a pic of her on my blog on the Right hand column! xx

Guerreira said...

Hahahaha! I though you meant you had a picture of Liv Tyler on the right hand column. Thought she looked a bit hairy when I stumbled across the pic! Your dog is really sweet though! Made up for the absence of Liv.