Friday, February 15, 2008

End of the week

A few considerations about my week at the fashion week:

* Vivienne Westwood rocks rocks rocks and I wanna be like her when I grow-up.

* Even though I walked the length of Fidel Castro’s speeches going from one show to the other (normally located on opposite sides of town), and even though I existed on a diet of coffee, red bulls and wasabi peas (what did I do before them?), my jeans are not even one little inch looser. On the contrary. Isn’t there any justice in the world?

* Without a good little camera it is pointless trying to photograph a show. I have a collection of lovely pictures of models backs. And another collection of lovely images of the backs of the heads of the people sitting in front of me. From which I will spare you.

*Some ideas to copy. Or can I be sued by anyone for saying that?!. Rephrasing:
Some ideas to pay homage to:

Transparent sandals with pompom socks, as seen on Ashish. By the way, anyone knows where to find pompom socks? Haven’t seen them since it was really appropriate for me to wear things with pompoms…

And arm bands and cut-out socks over shoes, as seen on Steve P and Yoni J.

Panties and fish net tights as my next party outfit, as seen on Vivienne Westwood.

Hahaha, just kidding.


susie_bubble said...

Sew some pom poms on the socks?
Love that combo though...

Guerreira said...

That's an idea...I even have a pom pom maker thingy I bought in Japan! I am a bit challenged in the crafts department, but I guess it's worth a try!

Fabi said...

heheheh the length of fidel castro's speeches? I liked that one!! hehe

and the pompom socks +clear sandals look great!!! I might have to try that sometme!

great blog!