Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The kindness of strangers

Normally, nothing really fun comes out of my local grocery shop (besides yummy croissants for 35p). But yesterday I stopped by to get some plums and the cashier had half an arm full of beautiful black & silver Indian bracelets.

“Lovely bracelets”, I said.

“Do you want some?” she replied.

I ended up not having the courage to take some of her bracelets as they looked so nice together, but thought that her offering me was one of the sweetest things ever!

Afterwards, I remembered seeing a shop in Whitechapel, a traditional Bangladeshi area in east London, selling these kinds of bangles from every single colour under the sun, and for very little prices. I don’t remember the name of the shop, but there are several ones on Mile End Road, if anyone is interested. I am definitely going there soon so I can get an arm full of bracelets just so that I can start offering them to strangers!


Cin said...

I absolutely love Indian bangles! I find the jingling sound they make quite delicate and feminine. When I lived in Berkeley, California, there were quite a few Indian shops along University Ave, and I used to browse through their aisles, looking for exotic articles. That´s when I first came across those bangles. They begged to be purchased, I swear to God! :D

Guerreira said...

I knoooow! I need to go back to the shop and get some...I have so many bangles though, I feel a bit guilty!! but they are indeed begging to be purchased! Thanks for reminding me of that!