Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sometimes an image just stops me in my tracks…this girl, captured by The Sartorialist, looks so strong and beautiful. I love that her style is classic, not necessarily trendy. And the way she rocks the super short hair…inspiring!

(PS: Thanks for the input on the blog changes...the makeover is on its way but it might take a bit of a while with my limited HTML knowledge and a little help from a friend!)


Kira Fashion said...

There is nothing better than a black dress!

great post!

a kiss!!

coco said...

I would love to wear this dress! It looks great!

girl on the wing said...

wow... the short short hair looks out-of-this-world incredible.

Guerreira said...

I knoooooow! She looks perfect! Glad you girls also liked it!

Anonymous said...

yes. she's amazing.. thats also because she is a well known top model from the end of the 90s!