Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Holiday wisdom

Sorry for the disappearance…I was busy having a lovely holiday with great friends on board of an awesome boat on the beautiful Turkish coast (oh, I so miss it already)…which leads me effortlessly to the topic of this post: things I have learnt from the last time I spent time on board of an awesome boat on the beautiful Turkish coast (yes, I did the same trip 3 years ago and it is so insanely amazing that I will do it again as soon as possible).

** One bikini is not enough for a week, 3 or 4 for is perfect, more than that it just looks like you are trying way to hard, which doesn’t go with such a relaxed atmosphere.
** Intricate bikinis are a crappy idea and won’t see the light of sun. Who wants to have a tanning line running across the middle of your chest?
** It’s always good to have more than one flip-flop. If you loose yours, you won’t have to wear your Converses to avoid the scorching floor or sand.
** It’s also worth packing a pair of good walking sandals for those long hikes. Not that I really hike, mind you. But someone else always does and I am happy to lend my shoes to more active souls.
** Somehow really short things don’t look so tacky on the beach, so it’s a good opportunity to wear all those little dresses you bought forgetting you are 1.76 cm.
** I know the colour of the water is amazing and worth loads of shots, but people somehow look better in bikinis on black-and-white photos (or is it just me?)...

(I wanna go back to paradise...
can someone take me?)

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kirsty lee said...

good tips. i totally agree about the short dresses.

it's wierd how i feel comfortable in the skimpiest of clothes when on holiday. must be the heat.