Monday, March 03, 2008

Buses are gonna be so last season

Guess who will become a London cyclist??? Well, after she finds the perfect bike with the perfect price and get 1 or 10 chains and locks?
Once I find it and get it, I will conquer my fear of honking buses, mean drivers and couriers-that-wear-lycra-and-cycle-with-the-speed-of-sound and become one of those annoying people who just don’t do buses! Unless it is to go partying. Or to the airport. Or somewhere far far away. Anyways, you get the idea.

For my future life as a biker, I pledge to:

* Never ever wear lycra shorts, no matter how comfortable or aerodynamic they might be.
* Ditto with bum bags.
* Always wear a helmet, even if it makes me look like a rooster.
* Never talk on the mobile while cycling even if Brad Pitt calls wanting to make babies. Or Anna Wintour offering me a job.
* Never hit pedestrians, unless they are wearing something so hideous that I can’t control myself.


dede said...

i think after 1 month cycling u r gonna think again about the veto on lycra and the little bags.......
they do come in handy those bastards!

Libertygirl said...

Good for you sweetheart! Just remember to leave at least two metres between car doors and yourself. I know too many people who have been sideswiped by unthinking car passengers. Recent studies how that card drivers give you the space you demand, so if you bike further into the road they will still give you a wide bearth. You do not need to hug the kerb! LLGxx