Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Ok folks and flowers.

So here I am. Back and in English!

Thank you for all the comments, I will definitely take the advice of writing in whatever language makes more sense. After all, as someone pointed out, certain life-changing expressions such as "cara de palmito" are indeed hard to translate. But, for the sake of those not familiar with the language of Gisele, caipirinha and crazy-waxing-in-private-places, I promise I will try my best.

I am going camping this weekend, so soon I return with tales of glamour X mud and how to convince Gringowlindow to come pee with me in the woods at 3am because I have been afraid of going on my own since watching The Blair Witch project.

Anyways, as Wonderbra once said "HELLO BOYS"!

(Little dictionary of silly expressions:
Gringowlindow - English word for Gringolindo, which is my beloved hubby and eternal gringo.
Gringo - A non-Brazilian.)

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dede said...

adorei o texto em ingles!!! da pra ouvir vc falando em voz alta quase!!!! ficou muito estilo guerreira! e essa placa da foto ta ooootema analogia!!!! hihihihi!
adorei o gringowlindow!hahahaha
e realmente, cara de palmito eh quase impossivel traduzir. nao tinha pensado nisso. como seria cara de palmito em ingles? (nao traduzido ao pe da letra)