Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pressing questions about life’s most challenging task: buying a bikini (unless you are Gisele)

- You know those amazing mirrors that, combined with good lighting, make you look pretty and glowing and even a bit skinnier? If those exist, why furnish your fitting room with the exact opposite (those horrible enlarging mirrors that, combined with the brightest light available to mankind, make you look ugly and white and even a bit “oh my god I am pregnant with quintuplets”-like)?

- Are you going to shopping-hell if you get the size 14 bottom and mix it up with the size 12 top from a bikini set and hope the cashier won’t notice?

- And, please, how do you tell if a light coloured bikini (fully lined), is really not see-through? Do you have to wait until you are standing in front of 10 people on a boat? (Sadly, true story)

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