Friday, June 13, 2008

Dream job

What is the coolest thing someone can ask a girl like me? (Besides “would you marry me”, which I have already been asked, and “would you like 3 million dollars”, which I am still waiting for).

That is “would you help me find my wedding dress?”

And that is exactly what my beautiful friend D. asked me to do.

Now you can imagine my excitement!

The day after she popped the question I had already gone browsing mad and sent her a list of dozens of little dresses that could work (no meringue-like stuff for my friends).

And although this is a major challenge for someone that is only used to styling herself to varied degrees of success, it is made much easier by the fact that D. is gorgeous, has an amazing petit body and a honey colour that will look like a dream with white, ivory, cream or gold.
I shall keep you posted on the progress of my assignment.

1 comment:

Maria Eduarda said...

That's such an honor to have such a cool and sweet stylist!
Nao eh pra qualquer uma!!! :)