Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sex and the city

Tickets bought for watching the film on Friday, me and another 7 crazy ladies, and hoping nobody spills the beans on the plot before I hit the cinema.

The plan is to watch the film, have lots of Cosmopolitans and, in my case, come to work the next day with a very un-Carrie-like hangover.

I do confess I am excited and unashamed of it. But then again, I can bore dinner party guests to death by talking about the merits of the series, with the help of my converted man.

So, in preparation for the film, here are my all-time favourite SATC quotes.

“My hair hurts”, Charlotte, the morning after the night before, with a very un-Charlotte-like hangover.

“I will wear whatever and blow whomever I want as long as I can breathe and kneel”, Samantha, being Samantha.

Detective: You Irish? Miranda: No, why? Detective: Coz you have beautiful red hair. Miranda: Well I guess anybody can be Irish with the right colourist. (Hot detective, does anyone remember??)

Carrie: So are you saying there's no way you'd go out with a guy who lived with his family? Samantha: Well... maybe Prince William.

Carrie: But... this is an outfit! When being asked to take off her shoes at a party (Oooh, I so empathize…skinny jeans with socks is not a good look)

(And how could we forget...Smith, we miss you!)


carol said...

oh smith, smith...

karina said...

Ai que inveja! Vai mas não conta o final, hein?
Have fun!!

dede said...

essa foto do smith ta incrivel.... ai ai. adoro todos esses comentarios!!!
acho q uma das frases mais engraçadas foi aquela da Samantha sobre o "funky tasting spunk". hahahaha!!!!