Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City, the morning after

Last night was Sex and The City night! As planned, seven crazy ladies and I made our way to the movies. I will leave the film itself alone as to not spoil anybody’s fun, and will instead recall some funny moments of the night.

**** So somehow I was under the impression that the Barbican (a cool cultural centre here in London where we saw the film) was offering free Cosmopolitans before the film. I read the email they sent, and somehow mentally included the word “free” in there. The barman was not amused when I showed him the email asking for my free drink.

**** Talking about Cosmopolitans, imagine a cinema full of slightly drunk, over excited women…let’s just say they (well…we) applauded a lot, from when the trailers ended to the when signature tune of the series started playing.

**** Oh, and someone shouted “Nice bum Steeeve”. Truth be told, he does have a nice bum which should have been explored in more details during the series.

**** When we got to the bar I have previously researched (near the Barbican and supposed to close at 2AM, which is pretty late for London), it was empty and about to close. “But it said on your website that you closed at 2”, I cried to the manager. “So sorry love, only on Saturdays. I am actually really sorry as you girls are the cutest costumers I had all day”, said the bar manager.

And with that, eight girls cruised to the next bar with a little spring in their steps. The rest, my friends, is history.

Bellow: HOT, HOT, HOT. Carrie & Mr. Big on the pages of Vogue.


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AlicePleasance said...

I went to the movie too and I was the only person in the whole cinema!!! No girls nights out around here :-( but I'll be a positive thinker and I'll say a whole cinema only for me is a good thing!

Fabiana said...

Oi Guerreira,
Seu blog já tá nos meus favoritos. Ainda não vi Sex and The City, mas tô indo assim que possível!!! Adorei sua noite SAC. Cosmopolitans free?? Uau! Vamos falar sobre as noivas em breve. Bjs

dede said...

fala pra mim, o mr.big fez uma plastica no olho e ficou muito estranho. nao ficou? e tingiu o cabelo e fez bronzeamento artificial. achei ele uó!

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