Wednesday, April 16, 2008


First there were my knitting attempts. On my defence, I have to say that I learnt by myself, with the help of the brilliant book Stitch and Bitch. And that, although I am left handed, I learnt how to knit as a right handed person (even though that was because I couldn’t figure out how adapt the instructions of the book and do everything the other way around, but don’t tell anyone so I can look all cool and skilled!).
So, anyways, knitting was fun, but I never quite managed to increase and decrease stitches and for that reason could only knit scarves.
After the 5th scarf, I got pretty bored.

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of getting a sewing machine to do a bit of customizing and, if my lack of coordination allows, even some clothes from scratch. Thing is, after researching the market, I realize that it all sounds like Greek to me…drop-in bobbins, free-arm, 1094857 stitches…heeeeelp!

If anyone out there has any recommendation, please! I don’t want to spend too much, was thinking around £100. But not sure of which brands are best and which features I should look for.

Any old advice will be much appreciated and paid back with my first-born (wonky skirt, that is).


dani mattos said...

my darling, pra começar vc pode comprar uma máquina simples... não faço idéia do que seja um bobbin, mas olha o que eu achei!!!


Guerreira said...

Tks querida! Miss you!

Francine said...

Françaine to the rescue!

Aparece no msn/skype que eu respondo todas as suas duvidas costureiras, dahling.