Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fringe benefits

I love shopping (duh). But I rarely feel the need to brave crowds or run to shops to get me hands on so called “must-have items”.
So it was a total accident that I managed to buy a pink fringed dress from H&M which I later found out is pretty sought after. To be honest, I had seen the dress once and didn’t even buy. I initially thought they were a bit meagre on the fringe quantity, but later realized it was just enough, fringe-wise and went back for it. Now that I have it, though, I feel pretty smug, especially as I have been lusting over a dress like that since a D&G version a few years back (does anyone remember? I think Naomi wore in on the catwalk).

So I wore the dress at my birthday and it was a hit! Thing is, now it unleashed the I-want-all-things-with-fringes monster. Aren’t they fun? And they remind me of my mum's main airplane outfit, a fringed blue suede trouser suit (it was the 80s people...and she has the most amazing blue eyes and great figure so it looked pretty good...i swear!)

My incredibly stylish fellow bloggers seem to have jumped on the fringe wagon a while ago…here are some pieces I have been lusting over!

(Beautiful Agathe's boots)

(Rumi's darling bag)

(Miss Woo's great Tokyo find)


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