Thursday, October 04, 2007

funny pics / unfunny post

Ok, I know it's silly. And I know we don't really care about celebrities and what they look like. But I couldn't help but laugh my unphotoshoped ass off at these pictures from fellow blogger Planet Hiltron.

(Amy Winehouse, Nicole Kidman and Beckhams)

Basically, they did photomontages about how some famous people would look like if their life had taken a different turn and they didn't count on an army of stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists.

Kind of like an inverse make-over. Which would be a make-under ( was much funnier in my head).

Anyways, me knows it's silly but me liked. Me thinks me might be a bit silly. Me is gonna stop right now before me ruins me writing reputation.

It's Thursday and me is tired. (Oh my God, me can't stop. HELP!)


dani mattos said...

rolei de rir com o post... funny pics and funny post babe.
ME CAN'T STOP! HELP! aaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha

Biba Blandy said...

Valeu as dicas! Adorei o blog! Beijo

carol said...

hahhahahahaha muito bom!! me like it too! x

Gorana said...

loooove the blog!!!! tx so much for the link - i shall be visiting your page on regular basis!
smooches x